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About me
38 EU
Zodiac sign:
Tattoos: A scorpio an my belly, a bearpaw at the right inner
wrist and an Arabic writing on the outside of my left calf.
Piercings: 2 on the belly button, 1 vulvar-piercing
Pets: Dog and scorpio


Food: Spinach, mashed potatoes and fish fingers
Drinks: Any kind of cocktails
Music: RnB, Hiphop, Chill house
Singer/Band: DMX, everything dealing with Hiphop
Animal: Dogs, Reptiles
TV-Show: Pimp my ride (mtv)
Car: Depends in them moment...Honda S 2000 or the new one
Names: Angel, Mary
Place: Doesn't matter where, but southwards anyway
Colours: Rose, pink
Perfume: All about Eve from Joop!
Outfit: Tight jeans, unusal and appealing dresses that emphasise my figure, in leisure times I love baggypants
Movies: nothing special

Favorite activities:
I love cooking and baking for me and others.Horseriding, dancing and do a lot together with my friends and my dog.I love to go shopping especially shoes and matching dresses, spend money as is... :)

I hate:

Liars an d tardy people.Noodles and such, fish (except fish fingers and false salmon)To do the laundry and ironingA 'must' for me:to look very nice every time I leave home and if it is only for a short shop at the kiosk or refreshment stand.Future plans are:To become known and earn a lot of money,to live good until the end. No children, I want to spend my free and easy young life first, afterwards I will see......
I love my Shoes
Feeling like a dog to my feet
My royal Heels
My sweaty soles
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